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It was back in 2001 on a business trip when entrepreneur, avid surfer and founder of Amazon Power, Americo Tognetti realised the distinct lack of Acai and Acai products in the Australian market. Americo saw the passion Australian’s had for healthy living and saw a perfect fit for the Acai Berry found in his home country of Brazil.

After three years of hard work Americo finally introduced Acai to Australia in 2004. Since then he, through his business Amazon Power, has been spreading the word throughout Australia, teaching Australian’s how to eat and prepare Acai as the locals do in the streets if Brazil.

Amazon Power

Amazon Power and It’s exclusive supplier together are the largest buyer of Acai world wide and as a result is able to ensure the highest quality Acai at the best prices.

Amazon Power also strive to protect the environment, which is why we only use berries that have been manually harvested, ensuring the protection of the palm trees that the berries grow on.

The manual harvesting of the berries also provides hundreds of jobs for the indigenous tribes around Brazil and helps minimise the human trafficking and deforestation that these tribes would otherwise partake in to make ends meet.

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The Company

Amazon Power has the Original Brazilian Recipe. It’s a reliable Company operating in the market since 2005. First to introduce Acai to Australian Market and today supplies over 2500 businesses in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, SA.

Americo Tognetti "The Acai Guy"

Americo Tognetti is a passionate surfer and he is recognised as the “Acai Guy”, especially throughout Australia.

Americo believes that our most valuable assets are health and time, and that energy is essential to make the most of your life. He also believes that there is no better way of producing this much needed energy than through the consumption of the Acai Berry.

Americo has watched the consumption of Acai sky rocket over the past decade to 500,000 tonnes produced by Amazon Power’s exclusive supplier in 2013. This increase in consumption can be attributed to the hard work and passion Americo has for the Acai Berry and Amazon Power’s products.

I eat Amazon Power at any time of the day. It offers the best sustenance to complement my training and competitive surfing. Açai is filling but not heavy, completely natural and full of taste! Having several food allergies and with a relatively restrictive diet, Amazon Power offers the necessary vitamins, proteins and antioxidants I need for a balanced diet.
Layne Beachley - 7 X World Surfing Champion
Best açai in Australia! It tastes fresh and it is super healthy!! I have the 1kg tube and can confirm that it is a great breakfast alternative specially when you add granola and banana yummm
The Original Acai - Australian Company
Ana Beatriz Mendonça
Fantastic acai, great texture and super premium flavour!
Amazon Power Acai Wholesale
Daniel Lepetit
Australian Company

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