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amazon strength

22 May Amazon Strength from Acai

Find you inner Amazon strength with the acai berry. For thousands of years the native indigenous tribes of the Brazilian Amazon have harnessed the powers of the acai berry. The acai berry has been a staple of the Amazon diet because of the immunity it provides...

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acai jungle juice

20 May Acai Jungle Juice with Watermelon

Acai Jungle Juice is perfect for a refreshing drink at any time. The sweet flavours of acai, watermelon and banana make this recipe an incredible pick-me-up! Ingredients: 200g Amazon Power Original Acai sachet 300ml fresh watermelon juice 1/2 banana. Simply blend all of the ingredients and serve! Team this with...

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healthy acai

18 May Healthy Acai and Banana Ice Pops

For a delicious and refreshing treat, try our Healthy Acai and Banana Ice Pops. The recipe is super simple and makes approximately five Ice Pops. Ingredients: 200gm Amazon Power Original Acai  sachet 1 banana 20gm clear gelatin 70ml water. Blend all of the ingredients until the consistency is smooth. Pour the...

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acai bowl

15 May Amazon Power Acai Bowl

The Acai Bowl - we've become famous for it! They are healthy, filling and of course, very tasty. Make your own Amazon Power Acai Bowl from home by following our simple recipe. Ingredients: 400g (4 - 5 scoops) of Amazon Power Original Acai 1/2 banana Fresh fruit such as...

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Amazon lifestyle

13 May The Amazon Lifestyle

Want an insight into the Amazon lifestyle? You've come to the right blog. Acai berries grow naturally in the Brazilian Amazon in palm groves and jungles. These berries have been collected by Indigenous people for years; it's no surprise they are a favourite among traditional communities...

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acai breakfast

11 May Vitamin-packed acai breakfast

Fill your belly and have a vitamin-filled acai breakfast! Start your day with Amazon Power; just follow the easy recipe below. Ingredients: 1 Amazon Power Original Acai 200g sachet 1 chopped banana 2tbs oats (cooked) 200ml of coconut water, or non-dairy milk Prepare the oats. Add sachet of Amazon Power Original Acai and...

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